Art in Paradise Pattaya is a large interactive art museum where visitors can become part of the artworks and have fun posing for photos.

Become a part of the artworks
Standing or lying in 3D artworks painted on the walls and floors, visitors can let their imagination go wild and pose in ways only limited by their imagination.

Stickers on the floor show the suggested spot for the photographer to stand. They also show the model how to pose, so the photo will come out the way the artist intended. Alternatively, see what your imagination can come up with, be as creative as you want and pose in any way you can think of.

Fun experience for adults and kids
A large and spacious air conditioned museum with dozens of artworks where you can easily spend 2 or 3 hours, Art in Paradise is fun for both children and adults who will have lots of laughs posing for funny and silly photos.

To protect the artworks shoes are not allowed inside the museum. Take off your shoes at the entrance and receive them back at the exit.

At the exit is a shop where you can get coffee, soft drinks, ice creams, cake and snacks.

Illusions created by multi dimensional paintings
The multi dimensional paintings aim to create illusions, so it looks that animals are charging out of the paintings or people are balancing on a tree log over a ravine. Although the paintings are beautiful in themselves, the artworks really come alive on photos when the effects that the painters intended come out best.

The 3D artworks
Art in Paradise is divided in several sections as classic art, nature, ancient civilizations and optical illusions.

Among the artworks are being on the cover of TIME magazine, your head on a plate in the kitchen, handing toilet paper to an elephant sitting on a toilet, on the verge of being eaten by a shark, feeding fish to a dolphin swimming out of the painting, giant octopus, enormous whale emerging from the picture, diver finding a large pearl in a shell, mermaid, the lost continent of Atlantis and catching a huge fish.

Nature & Classic art
Continue with a huge elephant stepping out of a painting, tiger splashing water out of the picture, roaring lion, Meerkats staring at you on the African savannah, trying to escape from a crocodile, pushing a huge rhino back into the painting, serving red wine in a classic European painting, shooting a love arrow at a heart, being part of a van Gogh painting, painting the Mona Lisa, walking in a 19th century London street, being crowned King or Queen, being part of the 15th century “The birth of Venus” painting, working a Middle East magic lamp and meditating in front of a large Buddha image.

Optical illusions & Ancient civilizations
Pose crossing a ravine on a rope ladder, carefully walking a tree log over a river, walking in Ayutthaya Historical Park, Machu Picchu in Peru, standing in an ancient Egypt pyramid, opening an ancient Egyptian treasure chamber in a pyramid, taking a camel to a drinking reservoir, flying on a flying carpet, sitting on an ancient Egyptian throne, playing the Songkran water festival, Einstein, being in a Charlie Chaplin movie scene, meditating with Gandhi, prehistoric monster attacking, unicorn, cruising the canals of Venice in a gondola, Pinocchio and painting an Italian village.