Cartoon Network Amazone is a new theme water park in Pattaya. Crazy water slides, incredible surfing, wave pool, intergalactic races and many other adventures are waiting for you here. There is only one question: do you have enough courage?


Alien Attack

This is a 110 m long tunnel with many speed turns and overturns. Incredible water streams and attractive force will make your hair stand on end. Let’s see if you’ve got enough courage for this!

Banana Spin

You will be spinning around in a big bowl until drawn into its centre and flushed in a big pool. A boat for two will make your descent more enjoyable. Are you ready?

Goop Loop

Feel the sensation of free falling from 12 m in Goop’s water rocket which is a closed capsule with an open hatch. Deadly loop. Who is next?


This is one of the coolest slides in Asia. You will experience 18 m long descent sliding down at the speed of 300 km/h.

Intergalactic Racers

Lying on a special mattresses, the four racers clear obstacles and compete to finish first.

Mega Wave

This is a large wave pool. You will have a lot of fun rocking on special water tubes.

Surf Arena

Try exciting surfing in a specially designed pool. You will never forget your surfing experience.

The Omnitrix

This is a big attraction designed in the form of a globe. What’s inside? Let’s see!

Extra services

If you didn’t bring a towel with you, you can rent one for 100 THB (also pay the deposit 300 baht in addition, but it is given back when you return the towel). The locker for 4 hours - 180 baht, for a full day - 280 baht. There is a free toilet and shower, there you can change clothes.


In the water park there are various cafes and restaurants: Johnny’s Burgers, Moredecai’s Barbecue, Marceline’s Pizza, Chinese Cuisine and many others. Everyone will find food to their liking!